FAQ and Known Issues

Why do I see square boxes instead of Indian Language characters on the Keyboard?

It is likely that your Android device does not support Indian Language Font and rendering.
For this solution to work, the device must support Indian language font rendering.
Unfortunately, we realized Samsung and Sony Ericsson(from what we know so far) are the only vendors in India to support Indian language fonts and rendering on Android devices.
Android by itself does not have support for Indian languages yet.
Our next effort would be to see how we can bring Indian languages to Android platform.
For any comments or suggestions in this regard let us know at sparshkb@gmail.com.

How do I install and enable Sparsh Keyboard on my device?

You can find and install the Sparsh Keyboard from Android Market by searching for “Sparsh Indian Keyboard”.
After installing enable the Sparsh Indian Keyboard in the Settings->Locale and text menu as shown below.
To use the keyboard for inputting text, long press on the edit screen and choose Sparsh Indian Keyboard as shown below.

What are the known issues in the current released version?

  1. Cursor on the text box moves away to the right after inputting certain indian language characters on Samsung Galaxy devices.
    We observe the gap between the actual cursor position and the visible cursor position to increase signficantly after typing several words.
    This issue is due to the underlying font rendering of Indian languages and needs to be fixed on the base platform by Samsung.
    Users are requested to ignore and bear with this issue while using the keyboard as it does not impact the functionality until it gets fixed.
    Write to us if you face any issues at sparshkb@gmail.com so that we update this list and fix them for future releases.

On what devices does the Sparsh work?

Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia series of devices. Unfortunately some versions of the software may not support Indian font and rendering.
Once we have with us more information on the list of devices and their details, we will update this section.

Why am I not able to see the keyboard in the Input Method Prompt after installation?

After installing the keyboard it is necessary to enable the keyboard in the Settings->Locale and text menu.

What languages are supported by Sparsh? Why is it that I can only see Hindi but not Tamil and Kannada?

Current release supports Hindi, Tamil and Kannada.
On Samsung devices Android 2.1 version supports only Hindi language.
For Kannada and Tamil support upgrade your device to Android 2.3.
On Samsung devices this can be done by installing and using the Samsung Kies software.

Is Sparsh Keyboard supported on platforms other than Android?


What are the planned features for future versions?

We hope to add a Dictionary for word prompts and add support for few more languages like Bengali, Telugu, etc.
Feel free to write to us for suggestions and feedback for improvements at sparshkb@gmail.com.

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